The Third World Studies Center (TWSC) will be celebrating its fortieth anniversary. This milestone will not be possible without its founder, Professor Emeritus Francisco “Dodong” Nemenzo. If not for his idea back in 1977, at the height of Martial Law, to create a subversive space for academics against the Marcos dictatorship, the TWSC will not be here. It was his inspired act of courage, which was sustained in four decades by successive directors, deputies, and research and administrative staff.

What started as a program with a collective of activist-scholars under Dodong’s office as then dean of College of Arts and Sciences is now an established academic institution. Through its researchers and networks of scholars, TWSC now pursues pioneering researches in political economy and globalization, social movements, authoritarianism and democratic governance, peace and human security, culture and identity, and (new) media and technology. The mimeographed manifestos of early years led to the founding of Kasarinlan, now a highly regarded academic journal. The TWSC’s numerous books and monographs are now supplemented with works in documentary filmmaking.

At forty, TWSC continues to strive to be a space for critical scholarship, for researches that question received wisdom at the same time that TWSC reflects on its participation in knowledge creation. A scholarly commitment that we hope is worthy of his own legacy of an audacious intellect that stands up against brute force and dogma.

In recognition of Dodong’s role in founding and nurturing the TWSC in the past four decades, we have organized a small tribute for him during the international conference that we are holding to celebrate TWSC’s fortieth anniversary. The tribute will be on 9 February 2017 (Thursday), from 5:00-6:00 p.m. at the GT-Toyota Asian Center Auditorium, Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman. We have invited Dodong and his family, and his colleagues from the U.P., to be there.