UPDATE (2-Feb-2017): 50% discount for undergraduate students has been discontinued as of 31-January-2017, as stated in the previous update.

UPDATES (16-Jan-2017): 50% DISCOUNT FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: Undergraduate students who failed to avail of the free registration for the first fifty student participants now have a new chance to join the conference. All undergraduate students that will register online until January 31, 2016 will have a 50% discount in the registration fee. They must present a valid undergraduate student ID at the registration desk at the day of the conference.

For registered participants who require a certificate of appearance/participation, please email us before the conference so that we have time to prepare said certificates.

UPDATE (3-Jan-2017): Free special registration for students is now closed. The first fifty students who registered online will receive an e-mail acknowledging their free participation in the conference. The e-mail, with the student’s valid ID, must be presented at the registration desk during the conference.

Paper presentation is by invitation only.

For all participants, upon completion of online registration, payment (Php 2000) can be either made at the Center in cash or paid on site on the day of the conference.

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